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30" PET Dividers

Acoustic PET Dividers provide safe division, privacy, noise control, and an area to pin notes and photos. Made from post-consumer products, our Acoustic Dividers absorb 75% of sound energy and are available in our 3-day FAST Program at a fraction of the cost of other dividers.

Final height of divider is determined by mounting hardware used.

Divider colors may differ slightly due to production process and varying colors in recycled materials used.


  • 1" Thick
  • NRC rating of 0.75
  • Variety of widths available: 23", 29", 47", 59", 65", and 71"
  • Budget friendly
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 29" High when surface mounted using BSBV10 clamp-on brackets; 50" high when beam mounted on BOOST Pro; 55" high when bridge mounted on BOOST

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29" Pet Divider in Smoke Gray
Detail 29" PET Divider in Smoke Gray


Smoke Gray

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