Green Statement

At Clear Design we take the topic of ecologic responsibility very seriously. Not only does this make sense for the planet, but it also makes good sense for our business. We have the advantage of flexibility in choosing our vendors and controlling the design/manufacturing/logistics of all our products.

The beginning of every new product project, variables like shape optimization for material use reduction, recyclability, packaging efficiency, as well as life-cycle analysis are all considered. As such, we are providing you a brief breakdown of areas we focus on when analyzing the sustainability of all the products we sell:

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about the materials that make up our products.


Laminates Used for Desktop Surfaces

  • Design - Shapes optimized for use/transportation/install
  • Manufacturing - Vertically integrated organization for clean/streamlined operation
  • Location - Migrating operations from China to Mexico to bring materials closer to our customers/speed up lead times/boost sustainability efforts
  • Packaging - 100% recyclable cardboard
  • Certifications - FSC Mix, FSC 100% Greenguard, ISO 9001, Member BIFMA, Rainforest Alliance


Used for Majority fo Benching and Desk Systems

  • Design - All shapes optimized for minimal material use/minimal weight
  • Manufacturing - 95% Recycled 12 Gauge steel with powder coat finish - 98% recyclable post-consumer. Solar Power used in several facilities to run machinery.
  • Location - Currently in Taiwan and China, but very close to migrating over operations to Mexico. The move will save on fuel, travel time, lead time, development costs, and helps boost sustainability efforts.
  • Packaging - 100% recyclable cardboard
  • Certifications - CARB Phase 2 Level (storage solutions), ISO 14062 (training tables) FSC 100%


Used for Bracket Systems and Monitor Arm

  • Design - Shape, and forms considered for optimization of materials/weight/packaging/shipping
  • Manufacturing - Vertically integrated facilities who take products from raw material to finished product all under 1 roof (saving fuel, time, expense)
  • Location - Recently found a domestic source for all Aluminum extrusion. Working towards migrating all of our international extrusions to a facility near Ft. Worth.
  • Packaging - 100% recycled cardboard
  • Certifications - LEAN Mtg certified and JIT warehousing


Used to Bring Power from the Wall to the Desktop

  • Design - We work with industry recognized leaders to develop appropriate products for our customers. All variables are considered to ensure that the products we sell meet our high standards of material, design efficiency, packaging efficiency, and costs are met.
  • Manufacturing - The factories we use are entirely vertically integrated so that all production and assembly is handled under “one roof”. This streamline Mtg process reduces greenhouse emissions and saves cost which we pass onto our customers.
  • Location - Our vendors manufacture their products in the US, Mexico, and China (although there has been a noticeable trend lately away from China).
  • Packaging - 100% recycled cardboard
  • Certification - UL certification for all products, Conflict-free Minerals Policy


Used as Divisions between Desks and In Spaces

  • Design - All shapes/materials chosen to optimize space and minimize weight
  • Manufacturing -
    1. PET - 50% post-consumer plastic (plastic bottles) 100% recyclable
    2. Fabric - Fiberglass board wrapped in fabric - ultra lightweight solution for fabric dividers (saves fuel, saves time, and saves cost).
  • Location - PET material is made in Korea, Fabric dividers made in USA and Mexico
  • Packaging - 100% recyclable cardboard
  • Certifications - OEKO-Tex 100, Certified Recycled Content, CAL 65, CAL 117-2013

Sustainability and Clear Design

Our Director of Product Design is a practiced industrial designer, with more than 10 years in the industry, who has also had a position of Director of Sustainability. His design methodology is centered around the idea that the best product solutions are those which focus on minimalism and efficiency of the material. Producing a sustainable product also related to where the object is made, how it is packaged, how close it is to the end consumer, how that product will be used, and how the product is disposed of/recycled at the end of its life. Our philosophy is reduction across the board for all of the above topics. This ‘less is more’ philosophy is applied to every product in our category and we work daily to maintain a high standard in all products we put into the marketplace.

As our brand and product offering grows, we will continue to maintain our high standards for ecologically friendly and sustainable products. If more information is required regarding specific vendors, raw materials, or anything else, please do not hesitate to ask.