Our Values

At Clear Design we strive to create a memorable experience and we maintain our company culture through employees that embody these characteristics:

Customer Focus

Every service is with the customer in mind: 3-day lead time quotes and renders delivered within 48 hours, all orders double-checked before entry and shipping and unlimited design revisions at no cost.


Owning up to our mistakes, fixing the problem immediately, having a plan to fix the problem and placing preventative measures to avoid future occurrences.

Team Before Self

Setting goals that will affect all members, dealers, and end-users positively so that we can all benefit from the same end goal.


Authentic and trustworthy Customer Experience Team that always goes above and beyond.


Keeping a 98.8% On-Time and In-Full (OTIF) Rate
10 out of 10 Net Promoter Score (customer rating).

Servant Leadership

We are here to improve the lives of all stakeholders including Shareholders, Employees, Deals and End Users/Clients. We do this by providing a platform to support a wider community, providing stable employment and opportunity for growth, providing exceptional products and customer service and improving work environments.