Software Development Company

Mailgun is a transactional email company whose customers send millions of emails each month through its API. After years of continued growth and building a team of nearly 90 employees, they moved into new, larger offices in the heart of downtown San Antonio.

The leadership team wanted to provide employees with desks that allow them to sit or stand, and that blend well with the space’s finishes. They opted to go with BOOST desks in the newly available Black steel (FAST) with Truss Maple surfaces (FX), and black pedestals with alternating cushions in Rogue and Flint (both FX).

“I would absolutely recommend BOOST desks; they’re very sturdy unlike many sit-to-stand desks which wobble,” said Operations Manager, Grant Chambers. “They’re highly configurable and I like that you have the option to sit or stand - whatever you’re feeling that day.”

Overall, the Mailgun team is very happy with its new workstations and appreciates the flexibility to adjust their desks to accommodate individual work styles and preferences.