Clear Voice

Phoenix-based content marketing company Clear Voice recently relocated to a new office from a coworking space. They needed to furnish the entire open-plan office with modern, commercial-grade furniture that could be delivered quickly.

The workstation areas were furnished with the BLADE benching system, Acoustic Dividers, and Fusion chairs, and the THREE60 Conference Table with Vogue chairs worked out perfectly for the conference room.

The collaborative, open-concept workplace was successfully completed with reliable Clear Design products within the client’s timeline and budget.

“We had less than a month to meet the installation date expectations, and throughout the process, Clear Design got us updated drawings, specs, and answers to questions in a speedy manner. We received exactly what we ordered on time and in perfect condition. I do not believe we would have been able to successfully meet timeline expectations, product expectations, and budget expectations if we had gone with anyone other than Clear Design!”
— Rachel Arreola from ACI, a division of Opacs