Send Us Your Photos, We'll Send You Goodies! - Clear Design

Send Us Photos, We'll Send Goodies!

We truly appreciate when you take the time to send us photos of your completed installations, so we will send you a $25 Amazon gift card for every Clear Design project you share (no limit)! We also select a monthly winner from the submissions for a $100 Amazon gift card!

Submission Guidelines
1. Save high-quality photos on a third-party drive (i.e., Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox).
2. Include the project name.
3. Send link to or upload your photos here.
4. Note whether we can use your name/company and your client's name/company.

Tips for Taking Great Photos
1. Take high-quality images. Use the largest file size and highest resolution your camera allows.
2. Take photos after installation is complete. Avoid miscellaneous items like trash or tools!
3. Lighting is key. Use as much natural light as possible and turn all other lights on.
4. Hold it steady! Some photos can take a couple seconds, depending on the environment.
5. Don't zoom in. Digital zoom (smartphone/tablet) is not great for picture quality.

Pro Tip: There are no rules against hiring a professional to take the photos. Many dealers opt to work with local photographers to capture stunning project photos for their websites and portfolios!

Ready to share your photos? Send us a link or upload here.