Our Newest Laminate Will Change the Way You See Your Workspace

Whether it’s your home office that needs a makeover or your office space that needs updating before employees return, Clear Design has got you covered. Most offices are colored by desks laminated in your typical shades: white, tan, or any variation of brown. If you haven’t already been introduced, please meet the newest color to the office furniture scene: White Oak. It’s an earthy color that takes the most complementary parts of tan, white, and brown to give office furniture a modern look.

Why White Oak?
At Clear Design, every product we release is made thoughtfully and with purpose, and we wanted to give our dealer partners and their clients more FAST options to choose from when creating their unique spaces. Looking at the other laminate colors we have--Sonic Maple, Shadow Elm, and Electric White--White Oak is like a warm combination of the three, and makes the perfect addition to our existing lineup of FAST finishes.

How to Style White Oak
One of the best things about the new White Oak laminate is how versatile it is when styling your workspace. Here are our four most popular ways:

Timeless Elegance
The first way to style White Oak is with silver steel. The silver and light laminate look will give your office space a timeless elegance, no matter how your office décor changes down the line.

Sleek and Modern
The second way to style White Oak is with black steel. The contrast between the black steel and the light laminate offers a sleek, modern look. One of the major advantages to using contrast in your interior design is the ability to draw attention to specific pieces.

Clean and Bright
The third way to style White Oak is with white steel. The white steel is similar in shade to the White Oak laminate. This look can create an environment that feels clean and bright. The White Oak and white steel design can look especially nice if your walls are a darker color.

Refined Industry
The final way to style White Oak is with Raw steel. For a look that is industrial yet refined, try Raw steel for the look that highlights the unique characteristics of the steel as it is manufactured.This special combination is currently only available with our BLADE line.

Think White Oak is the look you like? It’s available as part of our FAST Program with a 3-day lead time. Check out the FAST Program here.