5 Ways to Maximize Your Office Space

It’s no secret that office organization plays a big role in how employees work - even the most dedicated employees may have a hard time being productive if their environment seems disorganized and chaotic. Additionally, a messy workspace can make a bad first impression when you have visitors.

Invest in proper storage solutions to keep physical documents organized and personal items out of sight, while maximizing your space and creating a clean look and feel. Plus, your employees will feel less stressed and work more efficiently in an organized space!

Find Your Ideal Storage Solutions
These five solutions will help make the most out of your space and create a professional environment your team can look forward to working in every day:

1) Provide personal storage for each workstation.
Petite drawer units (pedestals) have a small footprint and typically tuck under a desk, saving space. Mobile pedestals (on casters) are also a great way to provide useful storage that can be moved easily. With the addition of a cushion top, some pedestals can even be used as secondary seating for quick discussions or collaboration within workstation areas. Because of the shift away from needing personal filing storage in recent years, many companies are now opting for skinny/narrow pedestal solutions or lockable surface-mounted drawers.

2) Add above-surface shelves to keep items within reach.
Desk hutches look beautiful and provide your employees with convenient storage solutions above the surface. They can also include features like dry-erase whiteboards or a tackable area for pinning important notes or photos. Hutches can be converted to shared units that reduce footprint while still providing great storage for the team.

3) Take advantage of wall space.
Wall-mounted hutches or shelves provide storage without sacrificing floor space. Items are easily within reach or on display for fun personalization of the space.

4) Consider sleek, laminate solutions for conference rooms, focus rooms, and private offices.
Items like conference room credenzas or bookcases can provide much-needed storage in community or meeting spaces to keep these spaces tidy for productive work. Items like laminate laterals, open shelves, and bookcases (with optional doors) provide ample storage options to stay organized and make a good impression.

5) Choose storage systems that match the style and size of your office.
Some storage solutions are large and bulky with a lot of space, and others are small and slim with enough space for personal items and a few files. It’s important that you select storage options that make the most sense for your unique space and team’s needs.

Office organization is especially important for an open-space floor plan. And, the more compact the office space, the more critical it becomes to integrate efficient physical systems to maintain order and efficiency. Learn more about our storage solutions here.