Hybrid Office: Fad or Future of the Furniture Industry?

In a world where change is often met with resistance, we hope this quick blog post can remind you there are many reasons change can be celebrated.

What is a hybrid office?

The idea of the hybrid office is to promote versatility and flexibility. More and more employees want the opportunity to work from home while still having an office in which to collaborate with coworkers. According to Forbes, the hybrid office is more than a mere fad: it’s here to stay. It comes with its challenges but the opportunities for reward are high.

Here are a few suggestions for moving forward with what you do best (offices!) in a changing, hybrid world:

Reconfigure, Reconfigure, Reconfigure

There are so many ways you can reconfigure offices for a post-COVID workplace. Offices can add workstation dividers and existing benching solutions can also easily be modified for any space. You can see some examples of how this works in our “Rethink Your Workspace” brochure here. When switching to hybrid, many employers adopt a staggered schedule. You can recommend they alternate who is in the office when by where they sit to allow for more breathing room.

Consider Collaboration

When hybrid workers do come to the office, they are often doing so to communicate with coworkers or clients. Emphasizing conference tables and comfortable collaboration areas with lounge furniture or tables on casters to move around the space can bring about a spirit of teamwork.

A Quiet Oasis

The other main reason workers may come to the office is to get away from a distracting home environment (kids home for the summer, barking dog, that pile of laundry they haven’t folded yet). Provide spaces for them to stay focused like privacy booths or pods!

The hybrid office may feel like a big change, but the solutions are simple once you have an idea of where to start. Let us know if you have any questions about how Clear Design can help you support your clients in the move to the future of the furniture industry: the hybrid office.