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5 Tips for Boosting Your Breakout Area

Ever feel like you need to get up and change your environment to get out of a creative slump? That’s where breakout areas come in! The purpose of a breakout area is to offer employees space away from the buzz of their regular area to help them recharge. With the change of scenery that breakout areas provide, employees are able to retreat to a more comfortable seating area away from distractions while reducing stress and increasing both creativity and productivity. Plus, breakout areas give employees a good reason to get up and move around the office.

Before you begin ideating your breakout area, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of the space. Ask yourself: Do you want a quiet area where employees can work more comfortably while diminishing distraction or do you want a fun and collaborative space where they can exchange ideas and chat freely? Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help guide your design:

  1. What purpose will breakout area serve?
  2. What incentives are there to encourage employees to use the space?
  3. How often will employees use the space?
  4. What effect will the breakout area have on employees in close proximity?

1. Set the tone with colors
The colors used in your space will determine how employees will feel, so choose a color scheme that matches the purpose of your breakout area. Consider blues or neutral grays to encourage relaxation and unwinding. If you’re going for a more fun or collaborative concept, incorporate active colors like reds, oranges, or greens. A combination of colors can also work if you’d like a multipurpose breakout area.

2: Be thoughtful when selecting furniture
The goal of a breakout area is to create a space that not only looks different from the employees’ regular work areas but also feels different. Consider soft seating that will encourage employees to lounge, have relaxed conversations and gather for informal meetings. Flexibility is also essential if you want your breakout area to be used for the long term, so choose items that are easily reconfigurable.

3. Think through the location
Think about where you want the furniture to be located within the office. If you’d like to foster interaction among your teams, keep it near another area where employees engage with each other (like the kitchen or break room). If you want to create a relaxing environment, set it up in a quieter area that is still away from the main workspace.

4. Choose proper lighting to set the mood
If you want your teams to feel energized and focused while they work in the breakout area, opt for cooler color temperatures. Cool lighting helps people feel alert and engaged. Warm lighting is the way to go if you want to encourage employees to destress and relax.

5: Acoustics, Acoustics, Acoustics
Adding sound-proof partitions is a great way to separate your breakout space from the rest of the office. They help minimize noise levels for both the employees using the space and those who are working in another area. Employees will feel more encouraged to chat and collaborate if they don’t feel like they’re disrupting others. In the same way, acoustic materials help keep noise out of the space if it’s meant to help employees retreat and work quietly.

If you’re considering creating a breakout area for your workplace, remember to first think through the goals of the space. Place it in an appropriate area of the office and consider modular furniture options like KOZE to make the most of the space in the long term!